Fasting with Amal Ismail

Aug 3, 2021 | Fasting

Get ready for a mind blowing comprehensive conversation about all things fasting with my guest today Amal Ismail, Functional Medicine Practitioner out of London with a background that includes a masters in Pharmacy.

If you have ever been intrigued with fasting and don’t really know how to start, if you have fasted before and want to expand or if you have done this for a long time and want to dig into the research and details on fasting and how it affects your body please take a listen.

Today we dig into the bio individuality of fasting, all the different types of fasting some historical information on the ancient practice of fasting, how to start and expand fasting, autophagy fasting, how to break a fast, benefits to the gut microbiome and longevity with fasting, exercise during fasting, research and many things in between.

Amal is full of truly evidenced based information and the list of links in the show notes is full of noteworthy reading and exploration for you.

As always thanks for listening to the Full Capacity podcast sponsored by Karen Bush, Functional medicine health coaching.

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Dr. Mark Hyman at the Center for Functional Medicine at

The Cleveland Clinic grand rounds.

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