From Patient to Physician…Healing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Dr. Aunna Herbst

May 9, 2021 | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dr. Aunna Herbst….my guest on today’s podcast.   She graciously and vulnerably shares her personal story of chronic fatigue and literally pulling herself out of it through trial and error and tenacity.  She talks about her journey through illness, into becoming a naturopath and then becoming an MD as well as one of the pioneers at the Center for Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic to where she is now in her own blended clinic for primary care and functional medicine.

This conversation is inspiring and critically important for many reasons.  We talk about chronic fatigue, what is missing from conventional medicine, how her book “Functional Medicine in Primary Care” hopes to bridge the gap between allopathic medicine and functional medicine as well as practical advice for those who are dealing with chronic fatigue and want to ask the right questions and get the right testing to find the root cause.

I am honored to have Aunna on my podcast and happy to reconnect with her after so many years. I know you will enjoy this conversation but also find it meaningful for you or anyone you know suffering with chronic fatigue and not finding the answers you seek.