Breast Cancer: A Functional and Integrative approach with Dr. Seema Patel

Oct 22, 2023 | Hormones, Women's Health

Welcome to the full capacity living podcast the October conversation for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Today we are talking to Dr. Seema Patel of Healing Family Functional Medicine…if you are a listener to my podcast you might recognize the name.

Dr. Patel was on episode 18 where we spoke about mood, depression and anxiety.

In that episode we go into her background and journey a bit more so check that out.

Dr. Patel and I worked together at the Center for Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.  She is now in her own private practice Healing Family Functional Medicine.  Check out the show notes for links to her website, IG and Facebook pages to follow her practice and sound advice.

Today our focus is on breast cancer, prevention, awareness around hormones at all the stages of a women’s development,

What increases Risk of breast cancer

Why “just monitoring” is not acceptable

What you should do in your 20’s and beyond to mitigate risk

How we can have too much estrogen

How to get your doctors to order the tests you need!!!

This podcast is to help illuminate those things that are not spoken about in conventional medicine and to help you navigate your own health.