Cognitive Health with Dr. Nate Bergman

Jul 20, 2021 | Brain Health

My guest this week is Dr. Nate Bergman of Kemper Cognitive Wellness and in this podcast we dive into a great conversation around cognitive health including his own story of experiencing a tumultuous time during his residency around his own cognitive function. He shares his story, the work he is doing in the areas of mood, mind and memory, some really cutting edge research coming out around dementia and some protocols that are showing some amazing improvements in cognition.

Nate started his career in the medicine of aging at the Cleveland Clinic as a fellow and then had the opportunity to work at the Center for Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic with Dr. Mark Hyman as it was just beginning.  He created the brain health program there and currently is the Chief Scientific Wellness officer at Kemper Cognitive Wellness in Rocky River, Ohio.

He speaks of his personal friend and mentor Dr. Dale Bredesen who is the author of the book The End of Alzheimer’s and the brokenness of our current system of healthcare when dealing with Neuro-cognitive disorders.

It’s likely that you are someone you know is affected with some type of neuro-cognitive disorder such as Alzheimers, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, MS or any number of diseases in this category.  Or maybe you are noticing something small that just doesn’t seem right.

Then stay with me here and listen to Dr. Nate Bergman for some answers as to how you can set the clock back on cognitive decline, start early with lifestyle changes that really make a difference and learn about the promising research coming out around intervention.

Research mentioned in the podcast: