Empowering your own healing using Energy Medicine with Allison Post

Aug 17, 2021 | Energy Medicine

Today my guest is Allison Post from the San Francisco Bay Area… She is a Healing artist and somatic educator who brings to our conversation a beautiful calm and open way of working with clients who have many different representations of health challenges.  She uses science based somatic body work to heal in an incredibly transformational way.

Here is what one of her clients wrote about her work:

Allison’s work has transformed my life. Through her extensive knowledge of anatomy and acute intuition, she has helped me literally retrain my body. I now breathe in a whole new way, have much better digestion, and a whole lot more energy. I can’t thank her enough for the gift of health and quality of life. 

In this podcast we talk about how to get into a more connected relationship with our bodies, what modalities can help to release trauma, pain and other embodied experiences that may be contributing to health issues.  We connect the gut microbiome, gut permeability and stress.  Her background and education combines, Ayurveda, craniosacral therapy, somatic practice, traditional Chinese medicine, psychology and so much more.  and make sure to Stay until the end where She leads us through a beautiful grounding practice.

As always…thanks for listening and enjoy this conversation on how to empower yourself to heal your body.

Allison Post – https://www.allisonpost.com/

Book – The Gut Wellness Guide https://www.amazon.com/Gut-Wellness-Guide-Awareness-Whole-Body/dp/162317256X

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Free and Female – book


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Unwinding the Belly – https://www.amazon.com/Unwinding-Belly-Healing-Gentle-Touch/dp/1556434782