From Exhaustion in the corporate world as a marker of success to cultivating stillness: Courtney Evans

Mar 29, 2021 | Stress

My guest this week on the Full Capacity Living Podcast is Courtney Evans, Integrative Nutrition health coach with a very intriguing background as a research analyst in the health and wellness world that had a striking impact on her own health and journey into health coaching.

She went from burning the candle at both ends in the corporate world to discovering Functional Medicine, regaining her own health and realizing that this journey could only lead to her passion of empowering others to realize that exhaustion doesn’t equal success.

She shares her personal story and the work she does with clients now, and throughout the conversation we connect around our passion for health coaching to help the listener understand a bit about what the world of health coaching really is and how to craft a wellness vision.

We dig into simplicity, cultivating stillness, root cause, finding strengths, resetting patterns and behaviors and creating a safe space for exploration within the health coaching partnership.

I so enjoyed this conversation with Courtney and I hope you do too.

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