Micro-dosing: A Natural Practice for Healing, Exploration & Discovery” with Kayse Gehret

Sep 14, 2021 | Microdosing, Psychedelics

Meet Kayse Gehret…

 Kayse Gehret is the founder of Micro-dosing for Healing, a nationwide virtual program combining micro-dosing education, experience and supportive community. In their group programs they offer a unique, intimate community of individuals drawn to practice with diverse intentions… including physical healing, mental wellness, emotional balance and spiritual connection. The intention of the program is to introduce individuals to the beautiful practice of micro-dosing, inspire a lifelong connection to nature, instill a reverence & respect for sacred plant medicine and create the conditions for healing in a fun, welcoming and supportive container.

Kayse has been in the healing arts for more than two decades, with a successful healing arts practice and studios in Northern California.  Her passion is inviting individuals to rediscover their own natural, innate healing and building community around healing, discovery and possibility.

The topic of our podcast today is Micro-dosing with plant medicine and the incredible work that is being done at Johns Hopkins and in numerous cities around the country that have decriminalized and even legalized mushrooms as medicine.

 Kayse, as you just heard, is doing some amazing work to empower her clients in the knowledge of plant medicine in combination with healthy living practices.

Kayse shares with us her background in the healing arts and how she grew her spa in Northern California, Soulstice Spa to include 4 locations. The work she did with celebrities and well known folks around the world is legendary, yet during the pandemic she had to shift and grow in a new direction and she hasn’t looked back since.

The transformation that is possible with these plant medicines is pretty amazing and I feel it needs to be shared to the greater masses.  I love when she states about mental health and plant medicine “ you don’t cure these emotions you shift your relationship with anxiety or depression.  You don’t numb your feelings you feel them but not as intensely.”

The world of plant medicine, medicinal mushrooms and functional mushrooms as you will learn is opening up so many possibilities for healing from so many diverse perspectives.

We talk about the work currently going on at Johns Hopkins with Dr. Roland Griffiths at the Center for Psychedelics and Consciousness Research, the personal reports of healing and clarity that so many of her clients have experienced.

We also spend some time talking about the healing properties of what are called functional mushrooms that you can easily find, grow and use in your daily life, things like Reishi, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail…and many others.  The show notes are full of links to explore some of these ideas and places to source these mushrooms and learn more about the benefits.

Stick with me here and maybe this will open your eyes and mind to a world of healing that is within reach for you or someone you know.

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