New book conversation: The Immunotype Breakthrough with Dr. Heather Moday

Nov 23, 2021 | Immune System, Women's Health

Welcome to the Final conversation of season 1 at the Full Capacity Living podcast.  This first year of podcasting has turned out to be many things.  First of all an amazing experience being able to connect with so many wise guests, I’ve learned from the wisdom and work of so many in the world of functional and integrative medicine.

I have also had the opportunity to challenge myself with the editing portion of the podcast…that has been a stiff learning curve but thanks for sticking with me during the sometimes wonky editing going on!

I have also learned to cultivate patience with this project as frequently it isn’t perfect or always easy to drop these podcasts bi-monthly but so gratifying when I see it pop up on my apple podcast “just released” list.

For all of you who have been faithful listeners, commenting, rating and reviewing I am also grateful.  It means a lot to have listeners that are engaged and feel they are getting something out of the conversations.  That was the real purpose of the Full Capacity Living podcast…to provide knowledge and tools to help you all live your healthiest most optimized life and empower you to create health for yourself.

So as we end season 1 and take a short hiatus before season 2 starts in February I am so honored to bring back Dr. Heather Moday who started out this podcast with episode 1!! How great!  The synchronicity of it…. If you are not familiar with her hop on back to episode 1 and check out her background.

She is back today to talk to us about her new book that was just going into editing the last time we talked.  It is available Dec. 20th just in time for Christmas and the New Year.

A new you for the new year right?

The title of the book is Immunotype Breakthrough and she has given me a little sneak peak of the contents and I am so excited to share it with you.

Now more than ever this is truly a groundbreaking way to look at your overall immune health and how to balance a system that right now may likely be in a state of imbalance.

Heather’s background as an immunologist and functional medicine physician makes her uniquely qualified to look at the world of our immune system in a distinctly personalized way in her new book.

She presents the information in an easy to digest format that will give you tools right off the bat to create the type of environment in your body that balances your immune system and leads you to health.

We discuss the ways our bodies get pushed into imbalance, the 4 immunotypes she has created (smoldering, misguided, hyperactive and weak) which you can determine through quizzes she has in the book, how those relate to the epidemics in our country of Alzheimers, diabetes, chronic inflammatory diseases, cancer, autoimmune disease and more.   We talk about the immune system itself and how it works, tools to balance, probiotics, adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, and of course lifestyle.

So whether you are listening to this on a long drive headed home for Thanksgiving, or listening is short bits while exercising, walking the dog or cooking….get ready for an informative conversation with the brilliant Dr. Heather Moday…

So…what a truly fun conversation that packs in so much useful information to start using right now.  Remember the book Immunotype Breakthrough drops Dec. 20th pick up a few copies for those you love and care about.  The link will be in the show notes to purchase.

As I mentioned in the intro this is our last podcast for season 1 but please stay tuned for some great guests in 2022.

We will be talking to pioneer’s in the world of mold illness which if you don’t know anything about it you will be fascinated.  We will also be talking to an incredibly special guest who is world renowned in the world of mind body medicine and trauma.

So excited for Full Capacity Living 2022.

For now…take care of yourselves, enjoy the holiday season with all those you love and I will see you in 2022 for more inspiring conversations in the world of Functional and Integrative medicine.

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