Pelvic Health: Solutions to make every day better with Susan Clinton, DScPT

Jun 21, 2021 | Pelvic Health

Today I am joined by Susan Clinton, doctorate in PT who some might call the guru of pelvic floor physical therapy!  She is an award winning PT and co-owner of Embody Physiotherapy and Wellness, on faculty at Andrews University in the Doctor of Science in PT program, the host of the podcast Tough to treat and so much more.  Check the show notes for her full bio.

She happens to be a long time friend yet the offering of this conversation really had me thinking of all the clients I have that experience urinary frequency, incontinence or constipation./bowel issues.

I know. I know…no one likes to actually talk about these things but it’s time that it’s more out in the open folks because more women (and men frankly) have these issues and no one knows what quote unquote “normal” is or what to do about it when you discover it’s not normal, the connection between breath, gut health, stress and triggering into the “fight or flight” autonomic nervous system, over-hydration, how we create a cranky bladder…

Our body’s ability to detox naturally happens through bowel, bladder and sweat.  If you get those things regulated and shift some lifestyle things around in the meantime you support natural detox daily.  So key to overall health.

Today we talk about what’s normal and what’s not, what contributes to these issues of bowel and bladder and GI and what to do about it.

The need for this information and what we uncover in the conversation is so needed so I am glad you are here with us to learn.

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