How our Mindset affects our physiology…research and tools!

Feb 16, 2022 | Meditation and Mindfulness, Mindset

In this solocast we dig into the fascinating research around our mindset’s particularly around nutrition, stress and exercise.

Do our deeply held beliefs around health influence what happens on a physiological level in our bodies? Yes!

Are we aware that this is even happening? In most case no!

Join me as I share research from studies out of Stanford’s Mind Body Lab. Dr. Alia Crum, Associate (tenured) Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and Director of the Stanford Mind & Body Lab is a world expert on mindsets and beliefs.

In today’s podcast we dig into the work she has done to uncover how potent our mindset about anything we engage in can be. Our mindsets are a set of beliefs that are formed through many different influences and we rarely know on a conscious level that they are influencing our behavior daily.

Join me to understand how this happens and to learn how to shift your mindset around any behavior you would like to enhance or let go of in your life, a key element to creating the healthy life you have been striving for.


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